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Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass doors have to be one of the best products to come along in the last 25 years.   The fiberglass doesn’t rust or rot and what’s best is you can stain it to look like a real wood door.  The next time you are at a marina, take a look around at some old boats.  Everything on them is faded, rusted and downright falling apart, but their fiberglass hull is there to stay.  Doors made of fiberglass won’t split or crack from the changes in weather.

Doors made of fiberglass that are paired with a composite jamb are even better.  The shrinking and swelling of wood on a typical jamb causes the door to stick in the summer and not seal properly in the winter.  Glass, fiberglass and composite materials don’t shrink and swell like wood.

How much should you spend on a fiberglass door?  Fiberglass entry doors, just like everything else vary wildly in price.  They seem fairly straight forward; fiberglass, foam, glass, etc but they can be deceiving.  One of the biggest variations is with the outer edge of the doors.  ProVia is the top of the line with a half inch of matching wood (mahogany, oak, cherry) around the door edge with six inches of solid oak on top of that, followed by high density foam.  Therma-Tru is next in line with a quarter inch of oak, followed by six inches of compressed wood, followed by high density foam.  On the bottom end are the big box store brands.  This is where things can get real dicey.  Benchmark by Therma-Tru must be the same as the Therma-Tru Fiber Classic, right?  Not so fast.  Benchmark by Therma-Tru has less than an eighth of an inch of oak surrounding the door, followed by two inches of compressed wood, followed by low density foam.  This is just one small peice of the door (that you can’t see) t0 compare.  Each component of the door has its own quality variations.  One of the most striking physical differences is the weight of the door.  A heavy door feels strong and swings smoothly, whereas a light door feels cheap and doesn’t close as soundly (you have to put your shoulder into it).

As with everything in life, one size doesn’t fit all.  I would never put a Reliabilt door on a $500K home; and would never put a ProVia door on a $150K home.  If you are shooting too high on quality, we’ll let you know, and if you are shooting too low, we’ll let you know as well.  Companies don’t survive today, trying to sell low quality for a high price.  You get what you pay for nearly every time.  If you still are uncertain, just Google it!  There are so many reviews out there; once you get through the “know-it-alls” you’ll get some really sound advice from people who have chosen on both sides of the quality spectrum.  I read just as many reviews as my clients, which is why I don’t sell products that get terrible reviews.  If you are ready for a free in home estimate ~ give us a call!  You’ll be glad you did!

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